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How to make winning trades consistently


This is a trader question from the Fibonacci Trading Forum.

Kim asks:
How to make winning trades consistently?

Everyone has that question! Of course, this is the goal, to come out ahead, over time, and with consistency. Consistent profitable trading is very difficult, and everyone, even the best traders have to deal with periods of losses. The solution is complex, and the problems vary from one trader to the next.

Give it time. There is a lot to learn, skill and experience are not downloadable. You will get there if you plan for the long haul, watch risk. Your first priority is survival in the markets.

Since I know you already have a lot of trading knowledge, I’ll post your question for other traders to benefit. All traders should define their interaction with the markets, via a trading plan. This website is intended to help traders create their own trading plans.

We’ll discuss this in a future Fibonacci Trading Forum webinar.

-Neal (FibMaster’s Fibonacci Trading Course)

About FibMaster’s Trading Plan

A trading plan is a strategy that traders use to define their activities in the markets.

Since each trader has their own personality, a trading plan must be adapted to match the goals, trading style, and personality of each trader.

This website is intended as an educational resource, to help traders build their won trading plans.