This is a trader question from the Fibonacci Trading Forum.

Bert says:
I need to improve my commitment to higher time-frame trades. I would do better to avoid shorter time-frame trading.

Neal responds:
Ask yourself what is causing you to focus back on the lower time-frames? Sure the lower time-frames can be very helpful, they can give you clues to refine your entries and refine your exits and stop-losses.

The lower time-frames must be viewed in context of the overall trade. The lower time-frames should influence the way you consider a trade, but it is your main trading time-frame that rules your decisions.

If your setup is still in play, then you don’t have permission to exit. If your setup has not given you permission to enter the trade, the lower time-frame does not make any decisions for you.

Sometimes it helps to have a partial entry or exit based on a lower time-frame trigger. Only if your trading plan allows you to trigger based on the lower time-frame, should you allow that decision. If not, stick to your trading plan.

-Neal (FibMaster’s Fibonacci Trading Course)