Here is a typical email question from a trader.

Dear Mr. Neal Hughes

Thank you very much for your video seminars.

Excellent course. I was aware of Fibonacci levels but the wonderful SK levels are new to me. The methods you explain are simple and awesome. I tried in different currency pairs in demo account and found excellent result. I keep practicing some more time with stop loss and money management as you guides.

If you have any advance training CDs, please let me know. Please also send me TRSI indicator to try with Metatrader 4 platform.

I also need one more advice from you. As per your knowledge & experience, please suggest me few names of Forex brokers who are clean and straight forward in their dealings.

Once again thank you very much Mr. Neal Hughes for your straight forward and open hearted teaching.


S.N. Suren.

Neal’s response;


Thank you for your kind words. Yours is a common theme, many traders rave about my seminars, and their email pleases me greatly.

You have all 5 of my recorded seminars now. I may make some more in the future and will let you know, but for now you have them all.

There are some live seminars/webinars that may interest you. I only have these a classes few times a year, and there are a couple of seats left, see here;

Trade carefully as you move from a demo to a real account, manage your risk to ensure that you will survive the learning process.

The TRSI for MT4 is on the way to you in a separate email. Please keep this indicator confidential, it is proprietary.

As for brokers.. At this time I am not comfortable making a recommendation. All brokers have their down-side and most have their positive aspects too. Unfortunately there is no perfect broker!

Best wishes,