This is a trader question from the Fibonacci Trading Forum.

Justin says:
I need to develop trust – once I do the analysis, find an entry point and make the trade – I don’t trust the levels I’ve come up with and pull the trigger to exit right when it starts to go against me.

Neal responds:
It seems that you do not trust your entries? Or are you nervous about taking a loss?

There are two issues that come to mind… The first is the distrust of your triggers. The second is the question of how much room you should allow a trade to go against you, before it continues to your profit exit.

Traders who distrust their triggers should study past trades, and keep a log of current trades. Work to determine whether the trigger has a positive result over time. If you had not distrusted the trigger, and allowed the trade to continue, would it have been profitable? How many times would it be profitable vs unprofitable? Perform this analysis on historical charts, and current ones too. Calculate some statistics, and also plan a viable exit strategy on the losing trades. If you trust your ability to exit bad trades with a controllable risk, you may have less urgency to exit quickly.

On the topic of allowing a trade some room to move, we should discuss that in one of our live webinars. Since we are generally entering when a trade is moving in the right direction, we don’t want to allow too much of a move against our position, but some risk is inevitable.