Since I started trading almost 30 years ago, I’ve learn many things about trading, and I’ve struggled with just about all the problems that traders can encounter.

My hope is that these web pages will help traders who are serious about their goals to define an effective trading plan, and to benefit from my experiences.

If you don’t have a trading plan, I encourage you to set aside some time and give it serious thought. Even if you do not use Fibonacci techniques in your trading, FibMaster’s Fibonacci Trading Plan can be used as a basis to define your own strategy.

Traders need to have an operating framework. You must have some basis for making trading decisions, for deciding which trades to take, which to ignore, where to enter, where to exit, and how to control your risk exposure. Without a trading plan, there is no way to evaluate your decisions, no way to trade consistently, no way to know what is successful and what aspects of your trading need improving.

The process of defining your trading plan will help you to analyze your methods. Taking a critical look at your strategy, and defining your own trading plan can help you refine and optimize your trading. Use FibMaster’s Fibonacci Trading Plan to help you define your profitable strategy.

Use the links on the right to navigate the website, to help you as you define your own successful strategy.

-Neal Hughes “FibMaster”

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More resources for traders;

Here I want to mention some worthwhile web pages that will benefit traders. If you are learning to trade Forex, BabyPips is a great place to get the basics. Also, to stay out of trouble, avoid nasty surprises, keep your eye on the Forex news calendar, at ForexFactory. I sometimes hang out on the forums at, and also the trading forums at Enough about Forex!

My favorite trading data and charting is E*Signal. If you are into Stocks, you might check StockTA for technical analysis. Their site looks very informative, though I’m not a member there. You can research indicators or trading strategies at Another great resource, whether you trade Stocks or Futures, is

No matter what you trade, or what indicators you use, my hope is that this Fibonacci Trading Plan forms a solid template, for you to create your own powerful trading strategy. Forgive me for telling you about the best website for Fibonacci Trading Techniques,

Enjoy the site, and please feel free to contribute your ideas via the comments box at the bottom of each page.